"The Rivener is mind-bending, intense, and heart-felt. A page turner, as well as a sincere tale of redemption. I hadn't realized how badly I needed this story."







Present-Day | Supernatural | Mind-Bending | Horror | Suspense

Contains mature content such as: Violence, Language, Sexuality, Drug & Alcohol References, & Some Triggering Scenes.

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From a gritty neighborhood in downtown San Francisco, a young street runner is thrust into a crisis of grave responsibility after a courier job goes wrong. With newfound friends, he must undertake a harrowing journey through parallel worlds of the mind and spirit, across the cracks of creation itself, to destroy an ancient power and save the ones he loves.

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His name is Michael Thames, but he doesn’t know that - not yet. He just goes by Kid, the name they gave him at the fire station where he was dropped off as a baby.

Since splitting the juvie and foster scene at the bright young age of thirteen, he's done what he needed to survive the streets: building a hidden home on a derelict rooftop, and earning cash running packages for a mysterious syndicate called The White Lotus.

When cruising turns to crisis, he'd much rather avoid the drama and hide above the battle without having to worry about anyone. But fate has other plans.



Alice is an orphan as well, raised in The Young School, sharpened into what’s known in secret circles as a 'traveler' - someone with the skills necessary to move between the Materia Mundi and The Animus Mundi, also known as the real world and The Dream.

She likes the freedom that strength brings, likes being on the side that wins. But, after one of Kid's courier jobs go sideways, her world is turned upside down and she must reevaluate what the 'right side' means.

Kid n' Alice - Humble street runner and agent of The Dream. They must use their gifts and wit to battle the shadows inside themselves, destroy an ancient power, and with a bit of luck, save two worlds.

About Us

setting and scene: the worlds of the rivener

"The Animus Mundi is a hidden world created by the collective dreaming consciousness of humanity, maybe animals and trees too, jury’s still out on that one. You ever feel like we’re connected? Well, it ain't all crystals and sage, man. We ain't just connected, we're networked, for real real. And it's a hell of a lot weirder than any of those hippies ever figured."

San Francisco & the White Lotus Society

Messages, packages, pickups and drops. Street running. Kid knew if he ever lost one, The Lotus would sink him in The Bay. Despite the danger, he made enough to exist in the world the way he wanted. There’s something to say for that.

The dream & The City of Light

The door floated a few feet above the dark volcanic sand, as if a patch had been removed from the quilt of reality.
“Ask yourself, Mr. Thames, what is any world but another strange dream?”

lost souls, adrift in the void

"Kid, they're in the dark dream now... All gone to sleep, never woke up. Damn near every one of 'em. Close enough to call it done anyhow, It's finished unless we make some big moves, right here, right now. You in?"

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